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The Number Bracelet

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Make it your own! Support your favorite player, your town’s zip code or area code, angel numbers or any number that is significant to you. If you would like the # symbol please be sure to type that in before the number in the personalization box. 


Rosewood- Natural wood with a smooth texture and
visible wood grains. Pale brown in color with hints of pink undertones. Each
bead is unique. Rosewood will patina (darken) with age and wear by absorbing
your skin's natural oils as well as any lotions or oils used. Enjoy the changing beauty!

14k Gold Filled- Not to be confused with Gold Plated. Contains 100x more gold alloy than gold plated jewelry. This thicker layer of gold makes the beads much more resistant
to tarnish and chips. With proper care, they can last anywhere from 10-30 years.

Sterling Silver- Contains 92.5% pure silver, making this
bead a high quality and durable metal choice. With proper care it can last a life time.

Natural Materials- Beads made of natural materials such as
wood and gemstones will vary slightly in size, color, shape and markings. Making each bracelet beautiful and unique.

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping via UPSP on all US orders over $100

All Sales Are Final. Please Review Sizing Guide Before Purchase.

Sizing Guide

The best way to measure your wrist is with a flexible measuring tape. Otherwise, you can wrap a piece of string snug around your
wrist and then measure it against a ruler.

Add ½ inch for a close fit and 1 inch for a looser fit.

For example, if you wrist measure 6.5 inches you would select 7 inches as your bracelet size if you like a close fit or 7.5 inches if
you like a looser fit.  

Many people chose to add ½ inch but the preference is yours.
Remember all sales are final as these items are custom made for YOU. We want you to be happy with your sizing.

If you are buying bracelets for a gift and do not know the recipient sizing, size 7 inches is the “average” bracelet size selected.

Care Instructions

It is recommended to put on your jewelry after using any
skin care products such as makeup, lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, ect. Chemicals such as these can be damaging to jewelry.

Avoid prolonged contact with water such as bathing and
swimming. Wood beads swell in water and can be damaged over time.

Please avoid over stretching bracelets by pulling or tugging. This can cause the bracelet to loosen over time. The elastic cord used is very durable but not indestructible. Simply roll the bracelet on and off.

Store your jewelry in an airtight container and out of the sunlight when not in use.

If needed, clean with mild soap and water. Pat dry. A soft jewelry polishing cloth can be used on the sterling silver and gold filled
beads to restore shine.

We are proud to offer jewelry using high quality materials.
With proper care they should last you for years to come.